Muscle Shirt Review

Founder Chris Worman in the Welcome to the Gun Show Unisex Muscle Shirt

Of the few different sleeveless shirts on, the muscle shirt is my favorite. It has a broader appeal than the staple tanks because the neck is higher like a traditional t-shirt, and the cut under the arms isn't too low. Above is me in the "Welcome to the Gun Show" tank top (with my legs cropped out for good reason). Like with any apparel, though, the downside is you never quite know how something will fit until you try it on. This is especially true with unisex apparel. As such, let's talk about it.

Muscle Shirt Sizing

My t-shirt size is almost always a large. The only exception is when I know something runs as slim fit. In those cases, I need to order a size up. With this unisex muscle shirt, I would have preferred to get a larger size. It obviously fits me in the photo, but the length seemed a bit short for a large, and the circumference was a little bit tighter than I prefer. Now, if you like tighter clothing, this won't be an issue. Someone I know who ordered the tank top thought it fit well. I settled on the following disclaimer for the muscle shirt product descriptions:

For men: If you're between sizes or prefer a looser fit, we encourage you to order a size up.

I didn't think a large could be labeled as a medium, but it certainly didn't fit like a large usually does. I hope this information helps.

Material Feel

The material felt very soft, thin, and comfortable, making it a great everyday cutoff or workout tank top. It's constructed with 100% airlume combed ring-spun cotton, meaning it's a high-quality cotton material. While it won't shrink as much as a normal cotton t-shirt, it's still useful to keep in mind that it may shrink over time. This is another reason why, at least for men, I recommend ordering a size up. As for the print and embroidery, they both come out well.

Manufacturer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars

There are currently over 40 reviews for this specific tank top style on the manufacturer's webpage. The vast majority echo the statements I've offered in this blog post, and the current rating is a 4.5 out of 5. The negative reviews also echo what I wrote, as some felt the fit was a little small and others didn't like how thin the material felt. I liked the material thickness, but I suppose that comes down to personal preference.

Your Thoughts

If you ordered a muscle shirt, share your thoughts in the comments below and in a review on the product page of the item you ordered. The feedback goes a long way!

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