Our Best Bodybuilding Shirts, Tank Tops, and Hoodies

Bodybuilding has been a major part of my lifting experience since the beginning. Like many others, I saw classic Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding photos and wanted to see how big and shredded I could become. I watched videos of Ronnie Coleman pushing crazy amounts of weight for lifting motivation. Guys like Jay Cutler and Phil Heath were monsters. Mr. Olympia competitions then expanded to include the Men's 212, Physique, and Classic Physique divisions, generating many other popular names in the sport. There are also a number of lifters who achieved internet fame as they built their own brands and physiques. Below are our favorite designs dedicated to these legends.

Ronnie Coleman Shirts and Merch

Ronnie Coleman far and away created the most memorable lifting slogans and punchlines. Perhaps his most famous was "Yeah Buddy!" which is unfortunately trademarked. However, we've added a few other designs that won't get us into legal trouble with one of the strongest humans to ever exist.

Light Weight! Shirt, Tank Top, and Hoodie

This design was originally meant to be a Yeah Buddy! shirt, until we noticed the trademark. Instead, we went with another Coleman classic, "LIGHT WEIGHT!"

Light Weight! Unisex Workout Shirt   Light Weight! Unisex Gym Hoodie   Light Weight! Men's Gym Tank Top

Ain't Nothin' but a Peanut Shirt, Tank Top, and Hoodie

This is one of my favorite Ronnie Coleman slogans because of how goofy, yet useful, it is. It's funny, but helps to set your mind right before a lift.

Ain't Nothin' but a Peanut Unisex Workout Shirt   Ain't Nothin' but a Peanut Unisex Gym Hoodie   Ain't Nothin' but a Peanut Men's Gym Tank Top

Arnold Schwarzenegger Shirts and Merch

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the biggest bodybuilding name there is. His iconic photos and "Pumping Iron" film inspired millions of lifters around the world. His transition into the movie industry cemented his legacy, and left us with endless sayings to work with.

Come with Me if You Want to Lift Shirt, Tank Top, and Hoodie

This saying is popular in the bodybuilding community because it ties in Arnold's bodybuilding career with his famous line in The Terminator, "Come with me if you want to live."

Come with Me if You Want to Lift Unisex Workout Shirt   Come with Me if You Want to Lift Unisex Gym Hoodie   Come with Me if You Want to Lift Men's Gym Tank Top

Arnold is Numero Uno Shirt and Tank Top

An iconic moment in Arnold's bodybuilding career was when he smoked in an "Arnold is Numero Uno" shirt after winning Mr. Olympia. This design was inspired by that classic shirt, as well as one of Arnold's famous poses.

 Arnold is Numero Uno Unisex Workout Shirt     Arnold is Numero Uno Men's Gym Tank Top

Chris Bumstead Shirts and Merch

A couple years after Mr. Olympia created the Classic Physique division, Chris Bumstead became the man to beat. At the time of this writing, he's won three titles in a row, and is looking to make it four in 2022.

Sumo is Cheating Shirt and Tank Top

In addition to his on-stage success, cbum went viral for claiming that sumo deadlift is cheating. It was a shot through the heart for many, and inspired this cbum merch. We also wanted to immortalize cbum's mustache.

Sumo is Cheating Unisex Workout Shirt     Sumo is Cheating Men's Gym Tank Top

Zyzz Shirts and Merch

Aziz "Zyzz" Shavershian was an internet phenomenon in the physique community. He tragically passed away, but was all about living life to the fullest. This is what our Zyzz merch attempts to commemorate.

U Mirin Brah? Shirt and Tank Top

One of Zyzz' most popular sayings was, "U Mirin Brah?" Well, this design should make that answer a resounding YES! It incorporates his saying with the vintage physique pose Zyzz was known for.

U Mirin Brah? Unisex Workout Shirt     U Mirin Brah? Men's Gym Tank Top

Other Bodybuilding Apparel

While this list of bodybuilding tank tops, shirts, and hoodies focuses on household names in the industry, Wormanator.com sells a number of other apparel items perfect for the bodybuilding community. We encourage you to check them out and let us know what you think!

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