Online Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

Gain muscle, lose weight, and reach your fitness goals with online coaching from Chris Worman: 2023 Summer Shredding Middleweight Bodybuilding Champ!

My Fitness Journey

  • Chris Worman Before Diet

    I focused on gaining strength for over a decade, achieving a number of "elite" lifts.

  • Chris Worman After Diet

    I decided to compete in my first bodybuilding show and dieted over 40lb.

  • Chris Worman 2023 Middle Weight SSC Champ Bodybuilding

    I qualified for the 2023 Summer Shredding Championship and won my weight class.

Woman working out with weighted ball as part of wormanator alpha fitness coaching plan

Alpha Coaching Plan

✔ Custom Workout Plan

✔ General Nutrition Advice

✔ Weekly Check-in via Text or Call

✔ Body Weight & Food Scales at Sign-up

$99 per month
Man chalking up before a lift as part of wormanator sigma fitness coaching plan

Sigma Coaching Plan

✔ Custom Workout Plan

✔ Guided Nutrition Coaching

✔ Daily Check-in via Text

✔ Weekly Check-in Phone Call

✔ Body Weight & Food Scales at Sign-up

✔ 2lb Tub of Protein Powder at Sign-up

$299 per month

Contact Coach Chris to Get Started!

First-Time Clients Will Receive...

  • Nutri Fit body weight scale with function details

    Free Body Weight Scale

    Tracking your body weight each day is the most effective way to monitor your progress.

  • Food scale with display settings and functions

    Free Food Scale

    Weighing out your portions allows you to track your caloric intake and metabolism.

  • Girl who lifts holding Ghost Whey protein powder

    Free 2lb Tub of Protein*

    Eating enough protein is essential to building and maintaining muscle mass.

*Only Sigma members will receive protein powder at sign-up. Chris will provide a 2lb tub of Ghost Whey Protein Powder in the flavor of your choice!

My Biggest Lifts

This video features some of my heaviest lifts to date. Not all of them are maxes, but several are. Use this as motivation to get swole!

Wormanator Fitness Coaching FAQs

Does Coach Chris hold a fitness or nutrition certification?

At this time, Chris is not a certified professional in nutrition, exercise science, or related fields. All provided information and services are based upon personal experience and self-taught knowledge over the past decade, and should be treated as general recommendations or advice.

What do the daily and weekly check-ins consist of?

Check-ins serve two primary functions. First, they hold the client accountable for their training and nutrition. Second, they allow Chris to log important body weight and caloric data, monitor strength progression, and keep clients on track with their goals.

Does Coach Chris offer in-person personal training?

At this time, Chris does not offer in-person personal training. Please feel free to ask about exceptions if you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Can Coach Chris help me with my nutrition plan if I have food allergies or intolerances?

Yes, Chris will work with you to find a nutrition plan tailored to your needs. During your on-boarding phone call, he will ask you about any dietary restrictions you have.

Can Coach Chris make a workout plan around my past injuries?

Yes, Chris will work with you to create a custom workout plan that you can perform. He will also offer suggestions to improve your mobility in previously injured areas. During your on-boarding phone call, he will ask you about past injuries and physical limitations.

How do cancellations and refunds work?

Clients may cancel services at any time after the first month. Refunds will be prorated based on the date of cancellation for the remaining days of the most recently paid month, and based on a 30-day monthly period (e.g., if a client cancels 10 days into the month, they will be refunded for the remaining 20 days).